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If you want to embed various contents from public web sites into your WordPress blog, then the Web Grabber WordPress Plugin is the perfect tool that will help you do that.
No frames or iframes involved! Real HTML content, grabbed form the web and displayed in within your blog just like you wrote it by yourself.

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Plugin Description

WiseLoop Web Grabber WordPress Plugin is designed to extract HTML content form the web and then, display them in within your blog.
This WordPress plugin allows complex content extraction and embedding in a very flexible manner, by using WordPress shortcodes or widgets. The extraction can be made from any web URL or local file; the desired content to be grabbed can be a full web page or a tag that can even have incomplete specifications.
Shortcode and widget can setup the grabbing engine to perform some additional after-extraction processing:

  • tags removal from the raw grabbed contents, so you can get rid of any unwanted tags and their contents;
  • tags stripping of the raw grabbed contents, so you can leave only their inner contents;
  • string replacement (just like the PHP str_replace function) in the raw grabbed contents, so you can alter the results in a personalized manner;
  • charset conversion between grabbed content and localhost to be able to show special characters such as diacritics in within a local page that is using the grabber to display foreign content;

These after-extraction capabilities can enhance the results, saves storage space, enhances speed and really can help to fulfill the terms of usage of the web page that is grabbed.
The caching feature improves speed, saves bandwidth,…


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