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This is an advanced plugin that gives you total control over the output of your menus.
Support shortcodes, widget and template function. Easy to customize, full features. and supports Twitter Bootstrap.
Displays a list of menu as links. This plugin is based on the WordPress function: wp_nav_menu()

Key Features & Options

Menu, an available menu list.
Thumbnail for diplaying the page thumbnail.
Container, div or nav.
Container Id, for a widget container id.
Container Class, for a widget container class.
Menu Indent, for sub menu indent in pixels.
Style, list or inline style.
Menu Attribute, display menu attribute as additional menu desctiption.
Menu Id, if use spesific id for a menu.
Menu Class, an alternative class for handling menu.
Depth, how many levels of the hierarchy are to be included. 0 means all. Defaults to 0.
Before, the text before the link text.
After, the text after the link text.
Link Before, the text before the link.
Link After, the text after the link.
Callback Function, if the menu doesn’t exists, a callback function will fire. Defaults to ‘wp_page_menu’. Set to false for no fallback.
Walker, allows a custom walker to be specified.
Empty Image URL, set a URI for an image to show as a link.
Intro & Outro text, if you want to add additional text or HTML.
Custom Style & Script if you want to add additional CSS style or javascript per given widget ID.

Change Log

2.1.0 – 24 April 2015
– add_query_arg and remove_query_arg escaped
– Bootstrap theme support added
– Backend interface adjusted

2.0.1 – 01 March 2013
– Push CSS file for shortcode

2.0 – 17 Jan 2013
– Adding shortcodes and PHP template function
– Removing timthumb supports

1.0. Initial…


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