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This WordPress Plugin let you set a wide range of conditions (like minimum/maximum quantity of total items and/or a minimum amount in the WooCommerce cart) to get Free Shipping. You can also limit it to a subset of countries and exclude selected states or provinces inside that countries.
Additional settings allow you to specify one ore more product categories for free shipping and limit the maximum cart weight.

This is a plugin for WooCommerce, it adds a new standard shipping method inside shipping zones. Its sufficient to activate and configure it (30 seconds!) to get it working.

This lets the administrator set complex rules like:
“If the user has NOT MORE than three items in the cart, the AND its total amount is AT LEAST 10$ AND he is requesting the delivery to Spain OR to France, make the shipping free; otherwise, proceed with the standard shipping rates.”

Bonus feature: Set a motivational phrase to be shown above the cart, to encourage users to reach the minimum amount to get free shipping.

See the screenshot to check the full list of available conditions.



  • Fix: method not showing on old pre-shipping-zones install


  • Shipping Zones are now supported – WARNING: Old settings will be not imported into shipping zones, old users will have to setup free shipping conditions from scratch.
  • Dropping support for old WooCommerce versions (and then old WordPress releases). Minimum reqs are now WC 2.6+ and WP 4.4+


  • FIX: Syntax compliance with WooCommerce 3+ to avoid a warning message


  • FIX: Syntax compliance with newer versions of WooCommerce to avoid a warning message
  • FIX: Products without…


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