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Woocommerce version 3.0 compatible!

The most complete quoting or “Request a Quote” plugin for Woocommerce and WordPress.
Max your sales NOW!

Let your customers request a quote
create a quote and send it to them via wp-admin

Engage your customers by creating special offers or discounts for them on WordPress and Woocommerce.

Please read the plugin description. We will NOT refund your purchase, because you thought the plugin will do things it does not do.



Cart to Quote for Woocommerce - 1


Cart to Quote for Woocommerce - 2

How it works


User has the ability to add products in the quote list. It works like a cart (adding, removing, overview etc). After he has added all the desired products he can submit the list for quoting. At submission, a quote is created on the backend for the shop manager to review and the shop manager also receives an email notification.


1st case: The shop manager can review the quotes that have been submitted by the customers. He can add new prices to each item for this quote and approve OR can cancel, decline etc. Many statuses are available. The customer can get notifications on the update status and then go ahead and buy the new quote as normal via woocommerce checkout, with all the changes and new prices that were made by the shop manager.

2nd case: You (the shop manager) get a call from your VIP customer asking you for a nice price on a long products list. You get on the backend, go to quotes, and create a new one with all the items he asked. Here you can tweak the prices and add some discount to make your VIP customer happy. After the quote is done, you can save it and your customer will receive an email notification with all the quote details, the prices he,…


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