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Build it once, use it everywhere and forever. A simple acf pro add-on that allows you to treat a field group as a component and reuse it in any other field groups. Later on if you want to make changes to that component, you only need to edit once, it’ll apply to every field groups that uses the component.

When should I use this?

Have you ever find your self creating the same set of fields in your project, say like, a custom lists menu, a testimonial block, sliders, or even a button? Well, this plugin might just be the one you need. Essentially, this plugin will allow you to only create that “same set of fields” once, and you can reuse it as many times as you want.


WordPress 4+
ACF PRO 5.7+

Note: This plugin is only compatible with ACF pro version due to their structure setup differences.

Example and Live Demo

Please visit to see the example usages and live demo.


– Fix a bug where converting to repeater field sometimes delete the component field group.

– Fix a WPML bug where field groups cache is trigger too early.

– Fix a bug where local acf-json folder contains location setting for component field group.

– Add import compatibility when using v1 export json file.

– Add admin tool to run migration manually (Custom Fields -> Tools).

– Add 2.0.1 migration to attempt to fix corrupted component fields when upgraded to component field v2 in incorrect order previously

– Complete rewrite for better performance, brand new hot features and small UX changes.

– Minimal requirement for ACF pro is now 5.7+ because of the javascript changes. Component…


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