Free 5sec PayPal Buttons Nulled

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  • 40+ button images
  • buy, donate and subscribe functionality
  • custom buttons with changeable price tags (see it in action)
  • GUI shortcode editor (screenshot)
  • works with any type of PayPal account
  • super easy to use and setup
  • famous 5sec concept

Online demo, examples and documentation


v1.20 - June 1st, 2018
* bug fixes
* new shortcode editor 

v1.15 - October 13th 2014
* bug fix for visual editor

v1.10 - April 23th 2014
* proper fix for WP v3.9

v1.05 - April 21th 2012
* visual button editor is temporarily disabled due to WP v3.9 upgrades, new version is going to be available in 2-3 days

v1.0 - April 13th 2012
* initial release

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